txtSpinner is now live

txtSpinner is now live

It’s finally happening - txtSpinner is publishing its first version ever. Almost two years of dedication and hard work by our fantastic team finally pays off.

We feel like txtSpinner is a revolutionary product in article rewriting and text spinning, and here is why:

  • txtSpinner is capable of producing human-quality articles. We use machine learning and complex algorithms to understand the content of your article (e.g., txtSpinner can easily understand the meaning of the word “bar” in different sentences, be it a pub, a court, or even a piece of metal).

  • txtSpinner does not only spin words, but it also spins phrases for you (e.g., “Take a look at txtSpinner.” can be transformed into “Try txtSpinner out.” or “Check txtSpinner out.”).

  • txtSpinner comes with an extremely easy-to-use spintax editor. This is the part we put much effort into. Everything from spinning a word to spinning a sentence or paragraph is as easy as it can be.

  • The size of our thesaurus exceeds our competitors' ones by much. We do not only have synonyms for words but also for a massive amount of phrases.

  • You can add images and videos to your articles straight from YouTube and Pexel APIs to make your article come alive.

  • txtSpinner provides you with the functionality to post an article straight to your WordPress blog without leaving txtSpinner at all. It is really that easy!

Of course, there are many other features to check out.

So, what’s next?

In the near future, we have our eyes on the following aspects to make txtSpinner even more impressive:

  • API - currently, we are working hard on releasing the txtSpinner API. So if you are interested in our API, sit tight. The timeline on API release is really soon.

  • Integration with other SEO services - as soon as API is released, we focus on integrating txtSpinner with other services like GSA, Ser, RankerX, etc.

  • Improving suggestions and word/phrase forms in some cases. We are always actively making efforts to make our spinning engine produce even better content than now.

  • Fixing possible bugs - we understand that some bugs might come to light with txtSpinner, especially in the beginning. So, please, if you find anything that, in your opinion, is a bug, let our customer support know. We appreciate your feedback!

We are looking forward to letting you know of any updates on these matters. Also, when those goals have been achieved, we will set new ones to improve our service constantly.

Join the txtSpinner family now to take advantage of this revolutionary product.